Exotic Starter Box

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$34.99 each
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$104.99 each
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Ready to have your world changed by our snack box? 🔥

This box is an assortment of snacks and drinks from around the globe! 🌎 Youll receive items such as ..

😋 Oreo Wafer Vanilla

😋  Krispy Kreme Popcorn

😋 Doritos Taco Meat Flavor

📦 with over 50+ items in our store from cookies, chocolate, drinks to candies you will receive something delicious with everybox

All items sourced from countries like

👉 Turkey
👉 Canada
👉 Korea
👉 Thailand
👉  Japan

Dont take our word for it - see what some of our customers have to say about our Starter Box 👇



I finished ALL the snacks from the starter box within the first week. They were so damn good!  - Alonso


 I subscribed to the Large Exotic Box and couldn't be more satisfied. My kids love it so much!! - Kathy S


How do subscription boxes work?

We are happy you are interested in our shipping boxes. We have 3 time frames to choose from: weekly, biweekly, or monthly. These are perfect for people that want to try our amazing plethora of snacks all the time!

Choose the time frame that works with you the best. Choose what type of package you want. Then enjoy the snacks delivered to you at your specific dates that you choose. 

How to cancel my subscription?

You are welcome to cancel your subscriotion box whenever you would like just email us with a reason and we will be right on it. Contact us at: universalmunchiescorp@gmail.com

Wow, looks like you were really excited to try these snacks! We offer the subscription option for all of our products so you can keep enjoying your favorite snacks without worrying about running out. We have a customer portal where you are able to cancel or pause your subscription whenever you would like. Through this same portal you are able to change you address or payment option as well. 

We have created a couple of tables to reference what will be inside of our subscription boxes so you know you are getting a bang for your buck! Every box is built different so we can't tell you exactly what you are getting but just know you are getting some fire snacks! Make sure to email us if you have allergies or medical concerns and we will try our best to accommodate.

Exotic Starter Box

Box Size Drinks Snacks
Small 1 3
Medium 2 6
Large 4 12


Country of the Month

Box Size Drinks Snacks
Small 1 3
Medium 2 6
Large 4 12


Exotic Drink Box

Box Size Drinks
Small 3
Medium 6
Large 12


Exotic Snack Box

Box Size Snacks
Small 5
Medium 10
Large 20
Please Note: As the weather heats up, it becomes more difficult to guarantee chocolate and other melt-able goods will arrive in good condition. If temperatures in your location, or throughout transit are above 70 Fahrenheit, goods may arrive slightly damaged. At temperatures above 80 Fahrenheit, the products are susceptible to melting in transit. We cannot be held responsible for any temperature-related damages caused during shipping.